Recording and Rehearsal Studios in Cambridge

If you are looking to rehearse or record your own music then make sure you check out these great establishments.

You have written some great songs with your band, where do you go next?

Make sure to rehearse your songs first then when they are the best they can be, head to one of the many professional recording studios in the Cambridge area and lay down a track or two.

Rhinocorn Studio & Rehearsal Space

Rhinocorn is probably the best option if you are looking for an establishment that has both recording and rehearsal options. They cater to everyone from touring musicians to bedroom musicians. They have a great music studio with a very professional atmosphere where you can practice at ease and without any pressure. They also have a great chill out room & kitchen for anyone who is rehearsing or recording. The prices are very manageable for both recording and rehearsing. Rhinohorn really believe in coming together and making a better music scene for everyone. You will often find them attending local music events. The studio is located on 20 Mercers Row, Cambridge CB5 8HY.

Half Ton Studios

Half ton studios is another all round studio and rehearsal space offering competative rates in the area. They are best known for their studio which has quite the reputation for churning out some great tracks over the years. They really want to cater to the artists wants and needs as a musician. At Half-ton you can be sure that you're in very safe hands, whoever you record with. They are very much a musician's studio at heart and their team will understand the issues you face when deciding how to plan and approach a recording session. As well as being technically sound and able to work quickly, a good engineer knows when to give an opinion and when to be as transparent as possible. No two recording sessions are the same and the real craft is knowing how to get the most out an artist, or band, and how to run a productive and successful session. These are all aspects that this studio seems to always get spot on. You can find them on 113, Norman Industrial Estate, Cambridge Rd, Milton, Cambridge CB24 6AT.

Zoo Audio

Zoo Audio located on Coles Rd, Milton, Cambridge CB24 6BW, is a great place to go if you are looking for a dedicated studio to record your music. They cover everything from solo singers performing with backing tracks to bands, with projects ranging from two or three song demos to complete album recordings. As well as complete recording-to-CD master projects, they work with musicians using home recording set-ups, providing facilities to record, for example, drums or vocals which cannot be recorded at home. There really is a full range of options on offer for any type of recording. They also offer an out of house recording service.

Headline Music Studios

Headline Music Studios are another great studio only option in Cambridge. The studio was Opened in 2012 & was purpose built from the ground up in beautiful rural Cambridgeshire, in the village of Harston, approx. 1 hour from London. Whether you’re a solo musician, producer, band, ensemble or voiceover, across the studio they are able to provide you with world class service in studio recording, mixing and mastering. The studio has one large main Live Room with 2 smaller Isolation Rooms, a kitchen and dining area as well as a world class Neve VR analogue mixing console and a large choice of great outboard gear in our Control Room. They can tailor studio packages to suit any recording, mixing or mastering projects, with their in-house engineer's many years of recording experience your music is bound to be of high quality. You can find the studio at Button End Industrial Estate, Button End, Harston, Cambridge CB22 7GX.

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